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Fahad Vania is a creative and dedicated professional in the entertainment media industry and has over 20 years of experience covering all aspects of production. He directed and produced Seasons 2 - 7 (over 80 - 1 hr episodes) of Discovery Network’s #1 rated show “Dr. G: Medical Examiner”. This included directing all interviews, electronic news gathering (ENG) shoots as well as dramatic re-enactments for this prime time hit. While on the show, he was able to form and maintain a healthy working relationship with on air talent, medical personnel and law enforcement officials.

Fahad has also produced National TV spots for Gulf coast tourism/ BP over the course of the last few years as well as promotional videos for several political campaigns.

Previously, Fahad has worked on projects for Nickelodeon, Animal Planet, Travel Channel and on various TV commercials and productions. He got his start in the industry by working on The Blair Witch Project. This experience helped him form great industry relationships with many companies and individual entities.

He has also been a Course Director at Full Sail University, teaching in the Digital Cinematography Bachelors program. This experience has helped him understand what the iGeneration is consuming in terms of media and more specifically, the way they are consuming it.

Currently, he directs and produces online entertainment for Walt Disney World Resorts, Publix, Universal Studios, Carnival Corporation, ESPN, BP as well as other clientele.

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