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After 13 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Monique’s passion for film and writing took her on a new path towards film production. Her vision collided with Ronald Diltz II and a creative partnership began to flourish. She joined the team at Ronald Diltz II Productions originally as an Executive Assistant. With her management background in pharmacy and her passion and dedication for helping others, Ronald Diltz II thought she would be the perfect fit for the Production Manager role on his film productions. After marrying her King in 2016, Monique Diltz became an Executive Producer for Ronald Diltz II Productions.

You may have also heard of her as the co-host of God, Family, & Business Podcast.

In 2023 Monique took her career to a new level and submerged into content creation. She also wrote her first E-Book, 14-Day Raw Vegan Reset, a guide to help those that want to try a health reset. While juggling three toddlers and her husband, she enjoys creating content that will change the world about health and wellness.Tune in on any of your favorite podcast platforms or on our website:


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