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Angelo Perrino has been working in the film industry for 20 years and has ventured all over the world doing almost every position you can think of. He’s a true jack of all trades.

He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Tampa. From there he worked on some feature films and eventually landed a job as a Director for the Home Shopping Channel. After working with the Home Shopping Channel for a year, he moved to Singapore and received a Masters’ Degree from New York University.

Angelo spent most of his 20’s traveling Asia and working on all sorts of projects from student films to feature films. He spent most of his 30’s in Los Angeles doing a lot of the same gigs but primarily focusing on directing, producing, and photography. He also has a lot of experience working in Virtual Reality and has won a Webby for his VR camera work. For the last two years, Angelo has found much enjoyment teaching at Full Sail University.

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