THE DONOR (coming soon)

Starring: Roy Williams Jr., Caila Carter, Marlon Poteat, and Luis Antonio Howard    |   Time: TBA   |    Released: TBA

The Donor Synopsis (coming soon)

A father is intrigued to reconnect with his son after he learns his son has cancer.


Starring: Neysha Soler, Luis Antonio Howard, Ronald Diltz II, and Ahmad Kasem   |   Time: 23mins   |    Released: 2013

Depravity Synopsis (2012)

A teen becomes a pimp's target after she seeks attention she was lacking at home and at school.


Starring: Jeff Bowman, Karen LeBlanc, Lindsey Riesen, and Nickolas Wolf   |   Time: 37mins   |    Released: 2011

Corrupt Synopsis (2011)

A family becomes the target of a corrupted educator after he looses his family and job for a crime he didn't mean to commit.


Starring: Ronald Diltz II, Katrice Galloway, Ronald Diltz I, and Emma Diltz   |   Time: 22mins   |    Released: 2010

Suffering Synopsis (2010)

A lawyer reconnects with his wife after tragedy affects his parents' relationship.


Starring: Samantha Elkins, Maria Luisa Baltodano, Brian Thomas Nadeau, and Chris Burkheimer   |   Time: 22mins   |    Released: 2009

Samantha Synopsis (2009)

A college student finds it hard to work at a crisis center when she can't save everybody.