Monique Diltz earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2002.  She quickly scaled in her career to gain experience in management.  After a few years in the pharmaceutical industry, her passion for film and writing took her on a new path towards film production. Her vision collided with Ronald Diltz II and a creative partnership began to flourish.  Her experience in producing short films and production management took off in 2015.  Her passion for writing led her to create a blog to share her life experiences and to educate the public on health and wellness.  Her management and organizational skills have developed, and she grew a love for running the business.  In 2015, she joined the staff at Ronald Diltz II Productions and became Executive Assistant.  Along with helping to run the daily operations, she was soon given the opportunity to manage her first production Fallen Fruit in 2015.  Joining both management and the arts was a dream come true and her transition was seamless being able to extract from her previous experience.  She has now started on an exciting career path in production management. She continues to contribute to her blog about her experiences and encourages everyone to pursue their optimal wellness.