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Monique's career path started as a pharmacist in 2008.  She served two years as an intern from 2006 while in school and then eleven years as pharmacist thereafter.  In 2014, after reconnecting with her soulmate, Monique helped out on her husband's film projects.  She became Unit Production Manager for two films and realized her gift for organization and leadership. Her organizational skills led her on the path of film production as an Executive Producer.  

After 13 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Monique decided to leave her pharmacy career and pursue her love for health coaching and her love for the arts.  Although she has left the industry, Monique has a burning desire to help patients optimize their health and unleash the health champion within. Monique is also a  passionate writer that loves developing stories from thoughts and ideas, to characters that come to life.  She enjoys working on a film or literary project from the infancy stages, to completion by book or on the big screen. 

Monique has a deep desire to impact everyone she encounters and truly believes in stepping into her purpose. As a health coach, Monique has a desire to connect people to God through the food they are eating and ultimately heal. She is a strong woman of faith and is passionate about sharing her faith and the love of God with the world. 

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