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Art Director, Jennifer East, is a seasoned professional who works quickly, has a strong work ethic and stays current with trends. East has experience in acting, writing, creating, and on-set art direction, so she knows, understands, and always strives for high quality and attention to detail with any project. She has held the position of Creative Director for various companies such as Bellevue College, Amerec and both American Gentleman and ACT Magazine. She was the Creative (graphic design, animation and illustration support) for United Space Alliance (USA) for the Aries IX Rocket and Space Shuttle program, just to name a few, and has worked with a multitude of clients over the past 20 years.


She lived and worked in Los Angeles, CA, both in front of and behind the camera, on every backlot from Universal to Sony. She is a noted visionary and proficient in conceptual design, full-scale design, graphic design, illustration, photography (including photo editing), web design and social media promotions. She is passionate about being current with technology, learning about nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle and helping others live the best life they can. She knows what it means to be a team player and knows that no job is too small for 100% effort.


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